I am going over the DKos community guide, and attempting to modify it to fit this site better. It’s okay… I volunteered to do this. Really!

And now I am volunteering everyone else to help 🙂

First thing I see we need to do is come up with our own community definition of what the Boo Trib is, and how we’d like it to be. Begin as you mean to go on, and all that.

I think there was a diary similar to this a long (internets-wise) time ago, but there are a lot more people now I think, and also it’s better to have it all in one place.

So… what is the Boo Trib Community, what standards for diaries and so on? Am looking more for a mission or vision type statement thing than nuts and bolts, I think.  But both are welcome.

Your turn.  

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