On MSNBC just now, this report: One of the counts, to which England pleaded guilty, was conspiracy with Charles Graner. England testified, as part of her guilty plea, that when she posed for the infamous leash photo, she did it for the amusement of the guards.

Graner today testified, MSNBC reports on air, that “he asked her to pose for the pictures. He asked her to pose for legitimate training purposes.”

The defense has presented evidence inconsistent with the guilty plea, said the judge. “You can’t have a one-person conspiracy.” Now the case goes back to the convening authority, the adjutant general. I had read a couple weeks ago that Graner had been refusing to testify against others because he felt it wasn’t right. I’ll look for that source. In the meantime, from a news bulletin:

In a handwritten note given to reporters Tuesday, Graner had said he wanted England to fight the charges.

“Knowing what happened in Iraq, it was very upsetting to see Lynn plead guilty to her charges,” he wrote. “I would hope that by doing so she will have a better chance at a good sentence.”

POLL BELOW, and crucial details about England’s past:

England’s lawyers sought leniency Tuesday from the Army jury of five men and one woman that will determine her punishment.

On Tuesday, a school psychologist from Mineral County, W.Va., who worked with England when she was a child testified that she was oxygen-deprived at birth. He said her speech was impaired and she had trouble learning to read.

Thomas Denne said England’s learning disabilities were identified when she was a kindergartner, and though she made progress in school she continued needing special attention.

“I knew I was going to know Lynndie England for the rest of my life,” Denne said.

Asked by the judge if England knew right from wrong, Denne said she had a compliant personality and tended to listen to authority figures. …

I admit I should never be on a jury. I tend to see all sides. (Actually, maybe that’s why I should be on a jury!)

But, it’s always struck me that Lynndie England was likely highly influenced by Graner, moreso than usual because they were having sex, and she was vulnerable to his demands. And I see nothing gained by putting her in prison, away from her baby.

By the way, I haven’t seen a news story that says where her baby is living now.

And it seems that Graner, in his own stubborn way, is trying to be a stand-up guy for his fellow soldiers.

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