Yes, a diary about butterflies.  Take a break from all the lurid daily scandals and help a poor butterfly.  (A social program for butterflies?) Cross-posted at

The Monarch butterfly migrates annually between Mexico and the northern US and Canada.  In the spring, millions leave the mountains west of
Mexico City to travel north.  Along the long route to their summer habitat, the Monarchs must seek nourishment to continue their long flight.  

Unfortunately development has reduced the areas of milkweed and nectar-producing plants necessary for replenishing nourishment on the long trek north.  Also, development of herbicide-restistant crops has
made way for the use of chemicals that kill weeds as well as plants necessary for the Monarch.  

Now, Professor Orley Taylor of the University of Kansas (yes, that Kansas) has set up a program whereby individuals can set up Way stations with a kit to replace lost feeding grounds.  The way stations can even be set up in yards.  Information can be found here:  The kit is available at a very modest cost.  

The nationwide Monarch Watch program begun in 1992 has tagged butterflies in the fall as large numbers return to Mexico in order to learn more about migration patterns.  The population has been steadily decreasing since it peaked in 1996.

Way stations can be set up with some milkweed seeds and nectar-producing plants.  A registry of way stations is planned.

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