My sister-in-law just returned from six months living in The Gambia, where she has been teaching and doing some nursing (and for those of you who don’t know where The Gambia is, its in very West Africa, surrounded on 3 sides by Senegal and 1 by the Atlantic Ocean). She reports that Malaria is a very serious problem there…but one that could be controlled if every family there had mosquito netting for their beds. But…while mosquito nets for beds only cost about $10.00, that’s over a months wages there, so they can’t buy netting. (!!!) So she wants to start a campaign to raise money to provide mosquito netting for Gambian families. Here’s where we need your advice:  (below)
Does anyone know of any organization (like WHO or CDC) that is already working on providing mosquito netting? If yes, could you give me the names of the organizations, along with any contact info? Or, if not, does anyone have any ideas about how we might be able to start a little organization that would focus solely on purchasing and distributing mosquito netting in the Gambia? Malaria is an awful and deadly illness, and it is a shame that it could be prevented in many cases just by having netting available at night. Seems so simple. Thanks, in advance, for your help!

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