Last night, I was feeling pretty cashed. Tired and bleary and grumpy.

So I exercised my own personal “nuclear option” and stayed off the computer for the evening. Instead, I worked on a crossword and watched a favorite flick, The Prisoner of Zenda. (Or even better, you can download the original novel.

For an old movie buff like myself, the PoZ has almost everything you could want: a dashing leading man (Ronald Coleman), not one but two sinister villians (Raymond Massey and the irrepressible Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.), great buddies (the baby-faced David Niven), swordfights, gunplay, horseriding, cheesy love interests (Madeleine Carroll). The only thing it’s missing are the Marx Brothers and a musical number. David O. Selznick was pretty obviously trying to bankrupt his studio with this one.

Sigh. Why don’t they make movies like they used to?

What’re you watching these days?

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