I think it is time that the Dems let the GOP confirm Bolton. We have already won in showing the entire world what wingnuts this administration has put in place.

Dems should vote against him but let the Rethugs confirm him.

Afterwhich, every time Bolton makes an ass out of himself and the country we can point to the fact that the Dems tried to warn the country but the Rethugs insisted on having this jackass represent the US to the world.

Also, with Dem assholes like Kerry on the commission it has the effect of letting them think that they have carte blanche just because they decided once in a blue moon to show some testicular fortitude. Kerry is a complete asshole thinking that his little show on this commission will some how make up for his asshole-ishness in regards to the wingnut pharmacist and now stabbing in the back the Mass civil unions bill.

If this is the trade off then give up Bolton. He will make an ass out of himself and the nation but the Democrats can not be blamed

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