I confess to not knowing nearly as much as I should about either topic. And, of course, environmental issues and priorties differ by region.I have noticed, however, is that oftentimes the interests of labor and those of environmentalists seem to be at odds, mostly because of jobs and those jobs polluting and so on. And that both movements are often described as “diminished” or “dying” lately. Me, I think the one thing has quite a bit to do with the other. Divide and conquer and all that.

So, I have a two-fold purpose to this diary.

  1. To start a discussion on the labor/unions and environmentalist movements (hopefully joined by people who know way more than I do), and ways in which working together are only possible, but desirable, and would benefit both. To have a true progressive movement, I would think that there is a necessity for the revitalization of both, as wherever unions lose ground, wages tend to stagnate and democracy seems to as well.  And, of course, we still all have to breathe and drink water.
  2. As some of you may recall, I am attempting an on-going project between the BooTrib and my online magazine, trying to draw what are usually non-blog readers to blogs. My original idea was to publish a special issue, but I think possibly that I have a better way.

Come to the other side, and I’ll tell you.
The first discussion was in this diary, which started off being about Religions and Women, and if you’ll notice, the comments are the best part of it, and the interaction. And that’s really the best part of blogs in general.

So, I’m working on how to put it up as a conversation, showing the give and take, and how one comment leads to another thought, and more discussion. Also leading to practical suggestions for action. I will be putting a link from the conversation piece, and from the front page of the mag leading to this diary discussion while it is in progress (and to future ones). Hopefully people will click on it, sign up and join in, and also join in future action type things. The front page link will be up Monday, the other when I figure out how best to present the conversation article.

So… better together? And if so, how? If not, why not? Are labor/environmental relations better in countries outside the US? How do they combine sometimes competing interests? Discuss! (Please, and thank you.)

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