While the Joint Chiefs’ front man claims the Iraqi insurgents are getting desperate, and that their bombs are “homemade,” Evan Kohlmann, an international terrorism consultant, gives us the straight scoop:

“[M]artyrdom” volunteers aggressively prowl the streets of Iraq in dump trucks, fire engines, and even police cars laden with tons (literally) of makeshift explosives. Rather than striking at targets of opportunity, the suicide bombers are often used to kickoff coordinated attacks on major targets …

And now, Kohlmann says, many of the attacks are filmed — with real production values — and distributed by “Zarqawi’s Media Wing.” Some are filmed “from several different angles and at close enough range for the cameraman to be knocked down by the resulting blast.”

Worse yet, an army of jihadists is being created … below:

In “The Jihad in Iraq: An Engine for International Terrorism,” Kohlmann asserts:

Even if Zarqawi’s vision for “the black of al-Tawheed fluttering in the sky over Mesopotamia” is a longshot at best, his ongoing anti-Western jihad remains a major international security risk for the United States and its coalition allies. As thousands of budding, would-be terrorists are drawn to the conflict in Iraq like flies, the Sunni Triangle has become an virtual engine driving religious terrorism and a breeding ground for the next 9/11.

Look at the photo in RubDMC’s diary. This is what Bush has wrought. That, and scores of new fighters willing to do anything to defeat the U.S.

Note: Kohlmann’s blog post also gets into the kinds of fighters attracted to suicide bombing, and more.

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