Is there hope for the US and the world, that is a question I have been pondering a lot lately.  Listening to the news, reading comments and diaries on this site and others, one would begin to think there is no hope. Is that true?  Have we lost all hope?

My answer is that we have not, should not, must not and can not, ever lose hope. For ‘hope springs eternal in the human condition’ and ‘as long as there is life there is hope’ to use some old adages.
So if there is still hope, what can we do to build that hope, expand it and turn it into something positive?  
Are we focusing too much on the negative and not enough on the positive?
Oh I know the positives are hard to find, but they are still there are they not?
Recent diaries such as
are asking the question what is positive about your nation but not too many comments.  Well, what is positive about the US.  Is there anything?

Personally I think that there is something positive going on right now in Congress. It is non partisan I feel and it is an effort to change the direction the megalomaniac group in power is taking this country.  I think we need to focus and direct our positive energies in thoughts as well as deeds towards making sure that change come about.  

We are now actively encouraging our senators and congress people to do the right thing, we are exerting our ‘power’ against the powers that be and that is a good thing..we are signing petitions,writing letters, making phone calls and many more activities of this nature.
We, the ordinary person, outnumber all of the powerful people on earth, many times over; surely we can manifest our will over them.  If we cannot, it will be a sorry state for mankind and signal that we have  been subjugated and bent into submission.  We certainly could not want that.
I think another great sign of hope and change is the world wide participation in political processes in many countries around the world by it’s ‘ordinary’ citizens.  People who never before would have been active are now becoming active by the thousands, or hundreds of thousands.  That to me is a great sign of hope.
If all those people around the world joined together in the cause of world wide peace and freedom, we could not help but win what we the citizens so sorely desire.
So what do you think?  Can we change the energies of the world from negative to positive?  
What more can we do to bring about these changes?
What have you seen or heard lately that is of a positive nature (big or small) and gives you some hope for the future?  
Above all ‘can we just be positive’????????  What do you think?