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UK film at Cannes says terror fears exaggerated…

The Power of Nightmares…

But, of course, Drudge doesn’t link to the video/audio/transcripts at Infoclearinghouse.info
Below, a poll:
This is my favorite documentary. And SYBIL is a big fan as well. I didn’t know it was going to hit Cannes.

From Reuters, thanks to JPol:

UK film at Cannes says terror fears exaggerated

Saturday, May 14, 2005 5:15 p.m. ET

By Erik Kirschbaum

CANNES, France (Reuters) – A British documentary arguing U.S. neo-conservatives have exaggerated the terror threat is set to rock the Cannes Film Festival Saturday, the way “Fahrenheit 9/11” stirred emotions here a year ago.

“The Power of Nightmares” re-injected politics into the festival that seemed eager to steer clear of controversy this year after American Michael Moore won top honors in 2004 for his film deriding President Bush’s response to terror.

At a screening late Friday ahead of its gala Saturday, “The Power of Nightmares” by filmmaker and senior BBC producer Adam Curtis kept an audience of journalists and film buyers glued to their seats and taking notes for a full 2-1/2 hours.

The film, a non-competition entry, argues that the fear of terrorism has come to pervade politics in the United States and Britain even though much of that angst is based on carefully nurtured illusions. …



Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI couldn’t stand it either.