(Updated May 17,)
I just noticed that Booman referenced this diary in his new thread, so I guess I should bring it back up for all the newbies who and oldsters who are showing up here today.

I see the numbers at Booman Trib. are now well into the 800 range and I guess it is time to bring up the Tell Us About You Diary.  
I estimate only about 300 members have written in these diaries thus far, so there are a lot of you out there who have not yet done so, so please take this time and do it.
Also even if you have told us before about you, update us on what is going on in your life, how you are dealing with the never ending saga of Bush Co., or whatever you feel like sharing.
Newcomers probably won’t wade back into the old diaries to find something about you, so please tell us more about you. Even us oldtimers might have missed your previous entries, so…..tell us….
If you want to check out all the members who have contributed so far; here are links to the first 3.




I invite all the oldtimers on this site to join me in welcoming newbies to the site or add in your own comments. So tell us about you, we love to hear your stories and see your pics. and have you here to share this site. Please tell us if you are male or female and where you live in your comments if you don’t mind sharing that with us. Oldtimers are welcome to contribute to this page, with their own story updates, pics or whatever; just have a good community chat about ourselves.
Post picture of yourself, please…

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