A # of judges okayed, no filibuster, and the filibuster itself remains in place. Out of a meeting of 14 Senators from both sides. The GOP members of that group don’t want to lose filibuster for the future. Announcement coming, they’re saying on MSNBC. The GOP senators are also worried about loss of a moderate voice in Senate. Press conference starting now. Bill Frist is NOT in the spotlight. The good guys include John McCain, John Warner, Olympia Snow, Joe Lieberman, Robert Byrd… Frist has been diminished. Lindsey Graham: “People at home are going to be very upset with me for a while. (Laughter.) The White House is going to get more involved and listen to US more … We can repair it and have a senate that functions for the common good. Social Security coming apart and kids are dying (in Iraq).” Frist is diminished.

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