“Pat had high ideals about the country; that’s why he did what he did,” Mary Tillman said in her first lengthy interview since her son’s death. “The military let him down. The administration let him down. It was a sign of disrespect. The fact that he was the ultimate team player and he watched his own men kill him is absolutely heartbreaking and tragic. The fact that they lied about it afterward is disgusting.”
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Former NFL star safety Pat Tillman’s parents are outraged that the military deceived them about the circumstances of his death in Afghanistan. They’re also outraged that the Republicans used Tillman’s death as a distraction from Abu Ghraib. If anyone doubts that the GOP did this, here’s a reminder:

“The O’Reilly Factor,” May 27, 2004

O’REILLY: Now are you buying into the — this is just a hazing thing at Abu Ghraib?

COULTER: What, the media is hazing the American people by seeing how much we can take?

O’REILLY: Some of the right wing commentators say it’s just hazing, what’s the big deal? Are you buying into that?

COULTER: No, I don’t think anyone is.

O’REILLY: No, they are. You know that. I’m not going to embarrass people but on the radio, talk radio you have right wing commentators say it’s just hazing, what’s the big deal?

COULTER: If I know what you’re referring to, there were two hours and 59 minutes not saying that and at one point making fun of liberals for making fun of — if you’re talking about Rush, but Rush went on…

O’REILLY: …program and he said it’s not a big deal, it’s just hazing.

COULTER: If you’re talking about Rush, he definitely didn’t say that. What other talk radio hosts say…

O’REILLY: I compete against him every day on the radio and I know what he says. He said many, many times and not only him that it wasn’t a big deal.

COULTER: No, he didn’t say that, but whatever — no.

O’REILLY: What’s your point of view on it?

COULTER: I think that — it was a bad thing, it’s six malefactors in an army that is 1.4 million strong and if I hear about it again I’m going to leap out of my skin. This is the media trying to demoralize America. This is the new Tet Offensive.

O’REILLY: I agree with you. I think it’s been overreported. But you aren’t diminishing the horror of the situation?

COULTER: Of course not. But no one is, so what are they debating about? Why am I not hearing four weeks about Pat Tillman? How come every night going through Pat Tillman’s life rather than hearing about these six or seven…
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