Rush is feeling the pain. This is from his radio program (via The Next Hurrah):

So here’s the bottom line. McCain is the de facto leader now, because McCain controls these six other nitwits. And, I’ll tell you what this is, folks, mark my words, this is pay back to Bush for 2000. Got his little South Carolina buddy Lindsey Graham in tow. He slam-dunked Frist.

Up until last night everybody was talking about the fact that Frist was going to ace out McCain, the Republican primaries, by exercising the nuclear option, and now McCain, it is said, has aced out Frist. He slam-dunked him, I don’t know if he’s aced him out, but he slam-dunked him, there’s no question.

Frist, a decent guy, was trying to do the right thing, and he is the first casualty in what was an early primary fight. I mean, there’s no question, and you can’t take that aspect out of this, either. These guys all want to be president, every senator up there thinks he should be anyway. McCain’s really got it bad because of what happened in 2000. And so we know he’s going to run in ’08.

And telling me that won’t take precedence over Senate comity and Senate tradition and whatever else that might be on the agenda? Of course this will take precedence over that, but his dancing like this is going to destroy him with the base and party faithful once primary time comes around and I know he’s banking on the fact that by then this will be but a blip on the radar screen.

You know, it may be time, folks, I’m just going to throw these things out here for you to consider, it may be time to treat McCain and Graham and Warner and all these others exactly as they would have treated their colleagues, as they would have treated these nominees like Myers and Henry Saad, throw them overboard, because those two nominees are gone, Saad and Myers are gone, that’s part of this deal. You’re not hearing about the nominees that have been thrown overboard…

Nevertheless, there’s a judge named Kavanaugh and one other that may also have been tacitly thrown overboard in this deal so you’re basically stuck with three out of ten. So maybe you treat McCain and all these other people as they would have treated these judges, just throw ’em overboard.

Rush is so full of shit.

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