The dinosaurs of American politics and business, hopelessly addicted to fossil fuel money, may soon be extinct.  British industry is waking up to a major reality of the future: the climate crisis.

A report by Roger Harrabin for the BBC:

A group of Britain’s leading industrialists has written to the prime minister urgently demanding long-term policies to combat climate change.

The heads of the 12 leading firms say climate change is a huge challenge that needs serious investment by business.

But they say they cannot invest because they are not sure what future government policies on climate will be.

The letter is signed off by the heads of BP, Shell, HSBC Bank, BAA, John Lewis, Scottish Power and more.

But that’s not even the most important part of the letter.
These industry leaders are recognizing what some environmentalists and alternative energy advocates have been saying.  The report continues:

But in their letter the business leaders say they believe emissions cuts of 60% can be achieved in the UK without damaging competitiveness if firms use energy more wisely and harness new technology.

They believe measures to hold CO2 emissions to a safe level would reduce economic growth by no more than 2% by 2050.

They say bold policy action could actually boost Britain’s profits by making the UK a world leader in low carbon technology.

The group say some of the technologies to achieve this goal already exist but need to be developed. Some are yet to be invented.

This is what will be necessary to get started on coping with the climate crisis, and then lessening its future effects: innovative thinking in existing business, to the point of recognizing a business oppportunity to at least offset the damage.

  The Brits are ready—will American based global corporate dinosaurs see the light?  

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