Reliable sources in the Saudi capital Riyadh said Friday King Fahd is dead.

    King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has been dead since late Wednesday, according to several well-placed sources in the capital Riyadh who spoke to the Saudi Institute, a Washington think tank, on condition of anonymity.

A prominent figure in Riyadh said, “I am confident he is dead.”

    The government also canceled all military leave. There was no confirmation of heightened security alert reported by some western media and denied by the government, who also denied the king is dead. link

OK so if you guys are allowed to be fluffybun optimists about some politician or other,  let me enjoy this. đŸ˜‰

Buzz is he has been on life support for so many years now that the um, limits of the technology had been challenged, not to put too fine a point on it.

I do not know if a deal has been reached, I do not know which princes will suffer tragic accidents, and which will become happy new Alp owners.

Intellectually I understand that there is a long struggle ahead, but I hope with all my heart that the Resistance will seize any day there is to be seized, and that the people of Arabia and the Holy Sites will be free.

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