The state of the American media is horrific. I’m sure few here would argue with this sentiment.

Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen this horror show become even uglier as Newsweek magazine was coerced by the White House into retracting a story which was likely true, and had been reported in at least four other publications over a two year period.
So what exactly was the dynamic that led to this retraction? The same group of jack-booted chuckle-heads who were employed to muddy the facts related to the “youthful indiscretions” of the president, the same bunch who lampooned Howard Dean’s Whitmanesque yawlp, the same brown-shirts who intimidated voters in Ohio, – the InstaJerks, the Johan Golbergs – all cranked up the Mighty Wurlitzer . . . and guess what? It’s not working anymore.

The Gitmo Quran-flushing story refuses to go away, and every day that goes by seems to add even more substantiation. As much as the Pentagon would like its PR machine (there’s a rather fine line between PR and Psy-Ops, is there not?) to work . . . it isn’t – and all the phallus-obsessed pundits at Powerline, and all the freaks in Freeperland can’t make it so.

Journalism might be back.