Newsie’s Week in Reviewsies: GOP Outrage & Keep Sen.Cat Killer as Majority Leader!

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I want to start by explaining the title. There have long been complaints from the right about Frist’s leadership abilities, or lack thereof. Reid is 10x the Senate caucus leader Frist is. If we have to be in the minority in the Senate, there’s no one else I’d want as the opposition’s Senate Majority leader. Some of our victories or half victories have come as a result of Reid’s leadership and a lack of leadership from Frist. As long as Frist is the Senate Majority Leader, there’ll be an imbalance of Senate caucus leadership (an imbalance in our favor).

Democratic Officeholder(s) of the Week!
Deepest Sympathies to MN St. Sen. Becky Lourey Minnesota State Senator’s Son Killed in Iraq, by mott street

Blue Ribbon goes to… Rep. John Tanner’s legislation to put a stop to mid-decade redistricting. It won’t pass, but it’d make for good PR for the Democrats. Fighting for a principle. 🙂


  • Senator Reid stays on the offensive. Some nice lines from Sen. Reid. Read the whole post. He’s done his part in trying to articulate the Dem vision and Dem policies. Others have to do their part. See also: MSNBC: Reid takes control of Frist’s Senate: A maddening week for the majority leader
  • House Dems have positive things to say about Dean
  • Bob Rubin. House Democrats get a kick in the ass and some backbone from Bob Rubin Sorely needed for this continual battle. Yes, and IA that the Democrats should be saying it loud and proud that they stopped Bush and the GOP from destroying Social Security.
  • (WakeupCall) Sen. Mark Dayton (D-MN) is inviting Bush to join him pumping gas and washing windshields as he “talks with local residents” about the use of alternative fuels (Minneapolis Star Tribune). (Newsie: Glad to see that Dayton’s retirement allows gives Dayton more room to kick ass.)
  • Jim McDermott, my Congressman, by mcjoan
  • Op-Ed in MN Star Tribune: Courageous leaders ignoring threats of the antitaxers Me? I hate taxes.  I look at a 1099 form and feel like I’m going to get hives.  Some of the taxes that the Republicans want to repeal would benefit me (as of now).  But you know what? I believe in a safety net. In addition, there are a hell of a lot of problems that need fixing, and if those things aren’t fixed, I’m only going to be paying even higher taxes in the end anyway or paying for it indirectly because of Republicans and their credit card abusing ways.  Taxes should be as low as possible, and the Democrats should run on fiscal responsibility.  You raise `em when you have to, and you lower `em when you can.
  • Oklahoma First Lady Kim Henry (hubby is Brad Henry, a Democrat). Hey, when you can still get the young ones to make a pass at you, you deserve a mention in this section. (WakeupCall) “That’s right, baby, will you get crazy with me when she wins?” — ex-“American Idol” finalist Matt Rogers, as he “appeared to make a pass” at OK First Lady Kim Henry (New York Post).

Pinocchio Politicians…Phony, Weak, Useless, Incompetent, Hypocritical, Radical, Petulant, Regressive, Corrupt & Power Hungry Right Wing “Worse Than Nixon” Republican “Do As I Say, Not as I Do” Coward Watch!

Items (copied, pasted or reworded) from various sources or compiled by me; some commentary is mine.
Overshadowed Outrage(s) of the Week

All other outrages:

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  • Empty Suit Thursday: Smilin’ Norm’s Buyer’s remorse, by jjimdscott
  • RNC shared email list with Hispanic non-profit?, by Tx Tiger Hmm… worth looking into.
  • W’s Sister and Brother-In-Law: Iraq Oil Kickbacks, by RichRandal
  • WV GOP picks mudslinger to replace dirty chairman, by Carnacki
  • Free Enterprise Fund defends DeLay, by Plutonium Page
  • Norquist-Abramoff Connection?, by Armando
  • Arnold, Inc. – Donors Get Product Placement in Gov’s TV Ads, by KingOneEye
  • Overheard from many in South Dakota, by colinm

    Sen Gordon Smith gets a free trip to Ireland, by mz

    Republican Funnies of the Week

    • (WakeupCall) “I don’t know what he is talking about. I have the greatest life” — Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), 70, on Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) saying if you “have any type of life,” you wouldn’t want to be in the Senate past 68 (Tulsa World).
    • USAToday helps you decipher Bushspeak Accurate.

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    TiVo Alert Nightline to do “Fallen” Again on Memorial Day (Monday) It’s bound to be a tearjerker and eye-opener.

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