I know Bush’s Federal Judge choices are disgusting to many of us, pathetic to most, activist to many. One already got through (Owen from Texas). I am not sure what’s going to happen, because of the Mod Squad 14 backroom deal, with Brown from California or PRYOR who used to be the Attorney General of Alabama, and for the time being is sitting on the 11th Circuit(Bush back doored him one night, but his time is running out, now Bush must make him legit and lifetime..yikes). A lot has been mentioned about Brown from California, so I am gonna use this diary to toss out some Facts about PRYOR…Are you with me….here we go…..

  1. PRYOR called Roe v Wade- “The Worst Abomination of Constitutional Law in HISTORY”

  2. PRYOR filed an Amicus Curiae brief challenging a unique Texas Statue Prohibiting possession of firearms by Individuals, subject to a temporary restraining orders in DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASES. Alabama had no similar statue.

  1. PRYOR Condemning any constitutional Right protecting “the choice of ones partner” As “Logically extend(ing) to activities like Prostitution, Adultery, Necrophilia, Bestiality, Possession of Child Pornography, and even Incest & Pedophilia.”
  2. PRYOR is beyond anti-gay…saying “States have a prerogative to recognize that “Homosexual Activity” is harmful and exposes both the individuals and PUBLIC to deleterious spiritual & physical consequences.”
  3. PRYOR Believes that “Executing the mentally retarded did not violate the US Constitution prohibition against cruel & unusual punishment.” The SCOTUS rejected PRYORS argument & prohibited ALL STATES from executing the mentally retarded

PRYOR loves Big Tobacco Money & NRA Kickbacks.

PRYOR was the Co-Chair of Alabama’s ELECT BUSH/CHENEY 2000 CAMP.

PRYOR believes in No Separation of Church & State.

I am sure this is just the Beginning of what evil lurks behind the man. I beg you all NOW…Start calling your Senators…I call My Senator BOXER about 3 times a weeks just to let my voice be heard about this Hideous Individual. This Judicial Activist PRYOR is an “Extraordinary Circumstance” and should NOT be allowed on the Bench and should be Filibustered if need be. PRYOR CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO PASS ONTO THE FEDERAL BENCH OF THE 11th CIRCUIT. Please join me now…Call your Senators and have them VOTE NO when PRYOR comes up on the Senate Floor. This Man is Americans Worst Nightmare.

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