I am losing track of how many weeks I have done this. I think I missed a week or two due to other issues, but I’m back!

For those who are new to this, I am trying to get people to pay attention not just to Tom DeLay’s corruption, but to the corruption of much of the Republican leadership.
Deep Throat outed himself this week and the Right Wing went into a frenzy of self-righteous indignation against the man who stood up to Nixon’s corruption. Isn’t it funny how the so-called “moral party” is always so ready to attack those who expose corruption and so ready to defend those who are corrupt? Today’s Republicans are so mired in corruption they HAVE to attack anyone who opposes corruption. So that gives me this week’s theme for my “Target the Corrupt Republican” campaign.

In past entries (and also here) of this campaign I focused on the Republican defense of DeLay and how it damned the party as being soft on corruption.

Well now that Mark Felt has come out as Deep Throat, “pundits” like Pat Buchannan and G. Gordon Liddy have been furiously condemning Felt for his actions. Once again, the right wing is planting itself on the side of corruption and against those who fight corruption. Let’s call them on it. Why are they so willing to defend corruption? Why are they so frightened of people who expose corruption. All you have to do is look at the scandals of today’s Republican leadership to see that they fear exposure of their own corruption. Here is a sampler of Republican corruption today.

Write letters to the editor focusing on this record of corruption and softness on corruption. Focus on the heroic actions of Mark Felt and the cowardly actions of those Republicans who attack Felt while defending DeLay and his corrupt cronies.

My usual favorite website for writing letters to the editor seems messed up right now, so try this one instead (it is slower to load but does the same thing).

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