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FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — In a ceremony filled with religious references, Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill at a church school gymnasium Sunday that imposes more limits on late-term abortions and requires minors to get written parental consent for abortions.

The signing came as several hundred demonstrators — some opposed to the signing of a bill on church property — protested outside.

”It has been a tragedy of unspeakable consequences that for decades activist courts denied many Texas parents their right to be involved in one of the most important decisions their young daughter could ever make — whether to end the life that was growing inside her,” Perry told a crowd of about 1,000 people gathered at the Calvary Christian Academy. ”For too long, a blind eye has been turned to the rights of our most vulnerable human beings — that’s the unborn in our society.”

Well, he had a choice. Get the Church to hold a religious service in the Capitol or conduct government business in a Church. Ah, what the heck. The fundamentalists spent the legislative session in the Capitol giving directions, the polite thing to do is to go to their place. Besides, it was easier to take the Barnum and Perry Circus to Fort Worth than bring the entire congregation to Austin.

Speaking of parental decisions, seems to me that the decision that most parents should want to be involved with is the one that came before the decision addressed by this bill.

And, far be it from me to quibble with Gov. Perry, but again it seems to me that the most vulnerable human beings in our society are unborn women… because even when born, there will always be men with who think they know better…

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