image:  The brother of Moussa Saloom, the deputy head of the education college at Baghdad’s Al-Mustansiriya University, grieves over his coffin at his funeral in Baghdad, Iraq Thursday, May 26, 2005. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

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Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night (Delia LIV)
by Samuel Daniel

    Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night,
Brother to death, in silent darkness born:
Relieve my languish, and restore the light,
With dark forgetting of my cares’ return
    And let the day be time enough to mourn,
The shipwrack of my ill-adventur’d youth:
Let waking eyes suffice to wail their scorn,
Without the torment of the night’s untruth.
    Cease Dreams, th’imagery of our day desires,
To model forth the passions of the morrow:
Never let the rising Sun approve you liars,
To add more grief to aggravate my sorrow.
      Still let me sleep, embracing clouds in vain;
      And never wake, to feel the day’s disdain.

caption, continued: Saloom and a translator working for the American military were killed when gunmen in a speeding car fired automatic weapons at a group of people driving to work in Baghdad’s southern Risala neighborhood, killing four people, according to a police official, in Baghdad, Iraq Thursday, May 26, 2005.

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