The battle against Republican corruption continues. Generally I focus my efforts on several particularly corrupt Republicans, like Mike Oxley (OH), Roy and Matt Blunt (MO) and Conrad Burns (MT). But most people are focusing on that most scandal ridden and nastiest of Republicans, Tom DeLay. So I want to push several efforts that represent a renewed attack on DeLay’s corruption.
You can get the latest information on Tom “Corruption” DeLay from the Daily DeLay.

The Public Campaign Action Fund is conducting a phone call campaign to urge two ranking members of the House Ethics Committee to investigate DeLay’s scandals.

Please take a minute and make two telephone calls today to these members to respectfully request that they act without delay. Recent news coverage, historical precedent, and the fact that DeLay’s PAC has made donations to 226 or the 232 Republican members of the House all call for an outside counsel to be appointed in a matter such as this. There is no impartial jury pool of members of Congress from which to launch an investigation. Period.

    Call Ethics Chairman Doc Hastings in his district office in Pasco, WA at 509-543-9396, or his Washington, DC office at 202-225-5816.

    Call Ranking Democratic Rep. Alan Mollohan at his district office in Wheeling, WV at 304-232-5390, or his Washington, DC office at 202-225-4172.

When you call, be firm and respectful. Tell the person who answers the phone that you want the Ethics Committee to appoint a highly-qualified, independent-minded outside counsel to investigate Tom DeLay

Please emphasize that the reputations of Congress, the Republican Party and the entire American Government is on the line here. is also leading the attack against DeLay’s corruption.

The next step is to send a message to the Republican representatives who keep DeLay in power as Republican House leader. Today MoveOn volunteers are delivering petitions to Republican representatives at their hometown offices. We’re also putting radio ads on the air in the hometowns of representatives who are expected to have the closest elections in 2006–connecting the representatives directly to Tom DeLay’s scandals.

The goal of the ads is to demonstrate that representatives who continue to shield DeLay from accountability will pay a political price. We’re running the ads in seven congressional districts. Six of the targeted members of Congress are close associates of DeLay, and they’re expected to have a close election in 2006 (see the P.S. for more on them). The seventh, Rep. Melissa Hart of Pennsylvania, was appointed to the House Ethics Committee where she’ll rule on DeLay’s ethics charges–even though she recently contributed to DeLay’s legal defense fund.

That’s exactly the sort of abuse of power that DeLay is guilty of and one reason he needs to be fired as majority leader. Chronic rule-breakers shouldn’t get to appoint a close friend as their judge. Congresswoman Hart’s constituents need to hear about what she has gotten mixed up in.

If some Republicans in Congress begin to understand they could lose their next election because of Tom DeLay’s abuse of power we’ll embolden them to rebel against DeLay and then there is a real chance we could score another win this year: getting Tom DeLay fired as Republican leader. That’s the sort of big news that will make it clear what the Republican leaders in Congress have been up to.

Will you make a contribution to keep these ads on the air while members of Congress are home this week? CLICK HERE to contribute now. also has these good DeLay resources:

More on DeLay’s list of offenses.

Rankings of connections between DeLay and every member of Congress.

House Democrats expose DeLay’s missteps.

The media mostly ignores the Republican scandals. It is up to us to force the nation to notice that the Republicans are dragging America down an immoral, corrupt path that is competely incompatable with Democracy. Come on folks! Hit them hard!

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