I watched this movie on the FX channel last night and see that it is on again tonight. If you didn’t see it, give it a chance on its second viewing. It was really very well done.

They use a documentary style with news bulletins and cable news type interviews and build a very compelling story about how ordinary families could be affected by a sudden change in our oil supplies.

A hurricane knocks out the main port where oil is received then a revolution in Saudi Arabia accelerates the process. It was all very plausible and realistic without any super special effects or super-heroes to the rescue.

It was brilliant propaganda and something every SUV-driving fool in America needs to see. I especially liked the farmer who becomes a populist advocate for “Food Not Oil” being the basis of what makes America great. The implication was that this guy was on his way to being president.

I’d like to hear what you think if you saw this movie or watch it tonight.

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