Today the Supreme Court has decided Ashcroft, et al. v. Raich, et al. in which two medical marijuana patients and their caregivers had filed a complaint against John Ashcroft and the DEA Administrator.

Now the AP is reporting Court Rules Against Sick People.   Justice John Paul Stevens wrote the 6 – 3 decision.
The dissenters were Thomas, Rehnquist, and O’Connor.  TalkLeft has more.

From the AP via Yahoo:

“Justice John Paul Stevens, writing the 6-3 decision, said that Congress could change the law to allow medical use of marijuana.

“The closely watched case was an appeal by the Bush administration in a case involving two seriously ill California women who use marijuana. At issue was whether the prosecution of pot users under the federal Controlled Substances Act was constitutional.

“Under the Constitution, Congress may pass laws regulating a state’s economic activity so long as it involves “interstate commerce” that crosses state borders. The California marijuana in question was homegrown, distributed to patients without charge and without crossing state lines.”

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