I’m sitting here with Scarborough on in the background. They’re laughing their asses off over Tom Cruise’s appearance on Oprah. Anyone see Tom’s travesty? It sounds like it was pretty painful to watch.

I’d like to welcome the influx of new members to the Frog Pond. I guess I should explain some differences between dKos and BooTrib.

The most obvious is the ‘World’ recommended diary feature. Only 10% of our users are living outside the United States. Since Americans tend to be biased in favor of American issues, we give our ‘World’ diarists a voice by making sure that at least six world diaries are always displayed.

We also have regional threads up top. You can use them as a bulletin board. We are going to be upgrading the regional thread feature soon.

My idea was to try to be both more global and more local, but to create a site that would be familiar to all Kossacks. I also wanted to have this site reflect the importance of women and minorities in the Democratic Party. I am pleased to see that the poll shows 59% of tonight’s Tribbers are women. Most political blogs are 65% male or higher.

So, welcome, and enjoy the site.

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