Much of today seems to be dealing with introductions.  The pie conflagration diaspora is bringing a lot of new members, myself included, to an already established community.  Part of the integration of new members involves learning about each other.  I’ve seen some familiar “faces” on my first day poking around, and a lot of folks who are completely new to me.  So, as part of my “feeling out” of the site, I’m gonna lose my Booman virginity on this diary: I wanna see who else works in the academy.
I’m (still) a graduate student at Boston College–doing my PhD in sociology.  I teach at both Boston College and Tufts, and have taught at four other schools ranging from a small liberal arts colleges to mid-sized state universities.  One thing I’ve learned through this is that the general level of ability may differ from school to school, but it’s always better to teach slightly above their heads than below.

My research focus tends to center on sexuality issues, and my teaching adds gender, race and other systems of domination to the mix.  The “Academic Bill of Rights” movement scares me.  It won’t stop me from teaching what and how I teach.  Let ’em come after me.

So, that’s a bit about me.  Folks who aren’t already familiar with me will learn more as time goes on, others will know this stuff already.

Any other academics out there?  Where ya at?  What issues y’all facing?

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