I was just checking the previous ‘tell us’ diary and it is so big and hard to load now that I decided to put up a new diary.  
So continue your talking and welcoming here.
We are so happy to have all you new members and you have really made this ‘joint jump’ in the last two days.
I am having a hard time just keeping up with all the comments, and by the way, if you haven’t already, check out the recent comment tab above.
At this point I think it would behoove us older members to write something about us as the newer members will not likely trudge through all the old diaries to find out something.  Therefore, even if you have written about yourself before, introduce yourself again.  
Booman and Susanhu also, many know you from your work, but they don’t know your personal stories so please introduce yourselves to our newer members.  Then they will ‘love’ you both just like us oldsters do.
Have some more fun here on this diary and if you are brave enough post a pic of yourself of your family, pets, gardens, whatever.
Have fun and have a great day!!
This Diary is hosted by Shirlstars and Diane101.
Lets do a new gender count too, with poll.

BTW this is the link to yesterday’s tell us about you diary:
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