Update [2005-6-8 11:59:4 by catnip]: I added a comment near the end of the diary about my health status. Hope to see you all again soon.


I joined this site shortly after it began and, while happily ignoring my health problems staying busy by hanging out and posting over at Daily Kos (resulting in an emergency trip to the hospital last nite to finally get that serious back pain checked out and finding out it was a kidney stone – no wonder it hurt so bloody much), I didn’t take the time to check out Booman Tribune that much.

So, here I am – the evening after the horrendous nite before and I’m posting on a blog again? Why? Because enough is enough.
After I read Booman’s Defense of Markos diary over the now infamous “pie fight” ad, I e-mailed him privately and told him I couldn’t support this site either if that’s where he stood. Simply being too busy to take enough time to put some thought and consideration into front page posts didn’t wash with me. The situation at dKos is endemic. Boo e-mailed me back and let me know that he had recosidered his support because he hadn’t had all of the facts at hand, but I’m still not sure he’s really pulled his defense of kos. I haven’t read enough here in the past 2 days (because I’ve been too busy writhing in pain!) to know exactly where Boo stands. So, please fill me in.

Now – back to why I’m posting tonite. I don’t want to bring the pie fight ad war over here, but after checking in on dKos tonite and seeing the latest version of that ad – one that depicts “Maryanne” holding “Ginger” down while her carefully placed red piece of material suggests a penis she’s prepared to thrust into “Ginger”, I cannot, for the life of me, understand how anyone who believes in women’s rights and has been forgiving of kos can cosign that kind of depiction on a progressive, liberal site.

Is that what will bring in women voters? Is that just something else for the macho crowd and women in denial to snicker about to the detriment of women’s “delicate sensivities”? Am I now one of those sanctimonious women’s studies people, having never taken a women’s studies course in my life?

Oh, I have a lot to say about why I am a feminist and I’m sure I will write about that, but not tonite. All I ask is that those of you who continue to defend kos explain to me how this new version of the ad is even remotely acceptable, because I sure don’t understand it. And, don’t you dare attack me as being humourless, sexless, out of touch with my sexuality or prudish. You know absolutely nothing about me. So, tell me – rationally, what that depiction does to promote the values of liberals and the Democratic Party.

Yes, I left Daily Kos. No, it wasn’t over the ad. Yes, Markos’s comments were the final straw. No, I wouldn’t post this at dKos because it’s glaringly obvious that a large segment of “progressives” over there simply don’t understand what the battle for women’s rights has entailed. I’m sorry to say that I truly see that issue as a lost cause in the current dKos climate. I see more hope here. I need your help. Please enlighten me.

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