Anna in Philly wrote a diary on Kos today and titled it something that most wouldn’t find appropriate.  Something about how her Pussy was so wet right now.  Okay, whatever, I got what she was pointing out though it was tasteless….but then Kos censored the title because it “crossed lines”.  
I had a hard time believing it so I went and checked it out for myself.  So visual images that sexually objectify women are okay on DailyKos so long as it is done in the spirit of capitalistic pursuit, but the written word (which is also a visual communication) that sexually objectifies women is crossing lines?  I feel like my brain is boiling right now and my eyes are going to end up permanently crossed.  I thought that his comments were poorly chosen before this, I don’t know what to do with my shock and dismay about the whole “pie” situation now.  Seems to me that I have just experienced the “nuclear option”!  I’m going to bed now, tomorrow has got to be a better day.

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