Many women have seemingly jumped ship and have left Dkos over not feeling appreciated and not being listened to.

I have to tell you that the message has gotten through and I believe that everyone recognizes that the abortion issue as well as womens concerns are major Democratic issues.

What I am concerned about is a fracturing of the Democratic lobbying machine that has been created. We pushed back on judges, Bolton, torture, war issues, legislative issues with some success.

More below the fold:
The success we have had is because we were unified. Dkos is by far the largest blog and has become a powerful lobbying tool.

If we are divided we are all weaker. I would encourage everyone to think about the big picture and how we must be united to win back a majority.

A majority cannot be had by dismissing women or men or any other group and we must fight the fight together.

I hope those who have felt betrayed by their recent experience at dkos can put it behind them and consider coming back to kos and cross posting at kos. The community misses you all and the community is not complete without your contribution.

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