Honestly, politics 101: you make a coalition of compatible interests. You forge bonds of understanding for the concerns of others.  I mean, that’s in ANY political alliance, but in a progressive alliance, especially so, because ours is a philosophy of compassion. We know that if you know where someone is coming from, you can much better live and work together. Don’t we?

The problem isn’t single issue voters, it’s “Zero Issue Voters”. They just want to win, but what can they do for me? All they can offer is just what Republicans offer but less so. I get 97% of Republican judges confirmed instead of 100%…
And then I’ll get a lecture about this is important for winning elections?

And you know this how?

Well, I’ve been around a bit myself and I don’t think that’s how you’ll win, and I also don’t see how it’s any different than the progressive sellout we’ve been dealing with for 30 years. And if you DO win that way, I don’t see how you’ll be representing me at all with your Zero Issues.

Pragmatism is not about getting rid of your convictions, it’s about compromising on your conviction for practical reasons, to compromise, because a theory is not yet well implemented in practice or this sort of concern, but if you give up your issues, that’s not pragmatism, that’s just removing the rudder from your ship to replace it with an additional sail… look how FAST you’re moving now!

My problem with politics is Zero Issue Voters.

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