The last week or so has been pretty depressing.  Kind of like finding an old picture of yourself (when you were younger and thinner) and wondering “what happened?!”  The Deep Throat/Watergate retrospectives on TV this last week have really highlighted how far the MSM has let itself go; feasting on a steady diet of junk like the Michael Jackson case and avoiding any strenous activity like investigating the Bush Administration even when the Downing Street Memo drops in their laps.

It’s not like the politicians are any better.  Around the time when Reagan died, I saw an old Gerald Ford press conference rebroadcast on C-SPAN.  Did anyone else catch that?  The reporters were launching a myriad of multi-part questions at Ford and he was actually ANSWERING them with some very articulate responses.  Today, Bush sounds flustered like he’s interviewing for a job when he answers a limited number of questions and today’s journalists often sound like patsies (which is the inspiration for the cartoon I’ve posted).

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