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John Kerry on the Downing Street Memo
8 June 2005

Statement from John Kerry’s office to the Boston Phoenix:

“Senator Kerry believes every American deserves a thorough explanation of the Downing Street memo. The Administration and the Washington Republicans who control Congress insult Americans by refusing to answer even the most basic questions raised in this memo about pre-war intelligence and planning for the aftermath of war. That’s unacceptable, especially with the lives of America’s sons and daughters on the line. John Kerry will demand answers in the Senate. Stay tuned.

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Some folks seemed to think Kerry’s comments reported last week promised a “floor statement” on Monday of this week, and were a bit disappointed when that did not occur. For a little deconstruction of that question, see my post on my own blog, “Where’s Kerry on DSM?” He got there first. Note – “got there first” refers to being the first Senator to publicly raise the issue (to my knowledge, anyway). Obviously Conyers et al were way ahead of all of ’em.

Meanwhile, I think everyone is aware that Ted Kennedy issued a statement, but did you know that Feingold also promised to raise the issue, and Boxer had the DSM entered in the record of the confirmation hearing for the new ambassador to Iraq?

And for Kerry fans, a sampling of what he’s been doing this week (not even including responding to %&*^! about his records being released).

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