One of the best ideas Kos has is to keep the pressure on the NeoClowns by beating them over the head with their refusal to serve in a war they promote. Maybe it would be a good idea to pick one Clown in particular and do an email campaign urging him to sign up. Pick one particular scumbag and just start flooding him with email, asking when he’s gonna vounteer to serve his country.

And who better than that smirking blowhard Hannity? He’s young enough (didn’t the Army just raise the age of eligibility to 37?), he sticks his jaw out and criticizes other people for being too French on a regular basis – and he looks like he could heft a rifle. I think he’d look downright snappy in a uniform! Yeah! Let’s send Sean Hannity to Iraq!

What do you think?
Maybe there could be a whole NeoClown Brigade! Once the others see all the mileage Sean gets out of joining up, maybe the whole gang will sign on the dotted line! Maybe it could even be the turning point in the war! Maybe if America sees the people who got us into this war start to put their asses on the line, it’ll set off a wave of volunteerism that’ll turn the tide! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Plus, think of all the lucrative tie-ins that’d present themselves if just ONE of these great cultural leaders were to grow the balls to take the plunge: “O’Reilly’s Navy,” “Hannity’s Heroes,” “Saving Private Noonan”….

Oh yeah. This is definitely a good idea.

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