First of all, thanks for the warm welcome back. I appreciate all of your comments in my previous diary. Just a quick update on my health: I had to visit my doctor today because I’m still experiencing severe pain in my left kidney. For those unaware of my situation: I have lupus that affects my kidneys and it’s been very manageable to this point, but, due to my lack of attention to this latest bout of pain that’s lasted 2+ weeks now, I can only hope I haven’t caused permanent damage to my kidney. Regardless of having a clear CT scan Tuesday morning after a nite in the hospital dealing with a stone or stones, apparently, the scan isn’t able to pick up all forms of calcification, so I may well have more stones and, judging from the pain level, I’m pretty sure that I do. However, I’ll sit for these few minutes and type this because I think it may help to heal the rift that Booman referred to in one of his posts.

on with the show…
So, how do you heal? Well, I’m learning a hard lesson about that topic, as you can see. And, here are some pointers from my very recent, personal experience:

  1. Define your priorities. What are the most important things in your life? In the context of political participation, including blog life, think about what stirs your passions. What spurred on your interest in all things political? What principles do you stand for? What are you willing to give up? What shouldn’t you sacrifice?
  2. Focus. In order to heal, you need to know what has to be attended to. Which fights are worth fighting? Which discussions are really relevant to your goals? How can you deal with as much as possible without losing your way?
  3. Energy. You only have so much. Where is it best directed? What is the best use of your time? How can you create even more energy for yourself and those around you?
  4. Rest. As your mom said, you’re no good to anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself. If your mom didn’t say that to you, I’m a mom (and a grandma) and I’m saying it to you now. The world will not collapse and the Republicans won’t suddenly fall from the face of the earth (unfortunately) if you take a few days off.
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Okay. I just got off the phone with my daughter who has a recycling business, so I thought I’d throw that in. It kind of fits anyway.

My point is this: one must decide when it’s time to move on, move sideways, move forward or just move, period. That doesn’t imply getting over it. It simply means that reevaluation is invaluable and it’s something that should be done often. A stagnant life is not worth living and, in my case, it can be damn physically painful sometimes!

This will be a bit of a post and run – well, more of a post and lie down, since I really, really cannot sit much longer. So, have at it. Be selfish. Focus on you and why you’re here. Leave the rest of the crazy world out there for a minute and ask yourself what really matters and go on from there.

See you again soon.

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