Am I wrong, or do many of us displaced Kossacks think of the community we just left (or strayed from, as the case may be) as family?

You know, the more I think about this (at 3 AM), the more I think we Kossack refugees need to rebuild over here the sense of community, of family, that was just shattered for us.  This shouldn’t necessarily be just for the refugees, but also for longtime Booman posters and anyone else who just wants to get in on the action.

So I want to reserve this thread for people to suggest and/or implement ideas for how we can rebuild this community.  It won’t be the same structure from whence we just came — it’s smaller now, tighter, drained from the rupture of dissent.  But that may make it an even better community for us.

Off the top of my head, here are some ideas:

  1. a conference call.  We could simply all call each other at once and chat.
  2. a “virtual Meetup.”  We could start a thread here on Booman at a pre-scheduled time and all do something together at that time, like write letters to the editor to our local papers on some issue of national importance.
  3. a virtual tea.  Same as #2, except that we’d just drink tea and chat online in a thread rather than taking any concrete action.

There are probably infinitely more ideas.  Basically, I think we need to move beyond the conflagration we just witnessed and from which we just fled, and come together in love and support of each other.  Booman is obviously the place to do that, thanks to the beneficence of our host (despite the fact that he and I often disagreed over at Kos); now we need to find the method.

Remember, we are all here for each other.  And we’re here to help.  Let’s make ourselves a new community in this oasis of tolerance and welcome.

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