The pie-crap has hit a core issue with me and, by all the diaries, I would guess it does with most people.

Sex should not be such a trigger flash point. It should not cause such rifts, but it does. And why is that?

I blame it on society’s religion-trap, at least in the beginning- damn Adam and Eve, the snake and the apple-temptation. How did the natural human-animal act of sex become so distorted and ruined and exploited?
MEN. Self-righteous men over the centuries have taken it upon themselves to take control of everything.

(I use MEN because Jesus, God etc., the bosses have been all depicted as men.)

Since we have all been born some man, preacher, father, president, boss has been ‘in charge’ of how one is to live.

Unfortunately many ‘sick’ men have had the privilege of being on top, writing the rules, changing the rules, making the rules etc., etc.

Depending on who your dad is/was, what religion, which class blah blah blah one grew up in often determinies a human’s sexual identity. I’m not talking male or female here. I’m talking about how one identifes with their sexuality. Was it taboo growing up? Was it treated naturally? Did you grow up in a nudist colony?

Did you have a happy introduction to the act of sex? Did it get marred by incest, abuse, rape punishment?

I dare say each of us has several negative connotations connected to our sexual experiences. So take one’s sexual experiences and pile on the sex-for-money society, exploitations, pornography- all distortions of a natural act and what do we have?

A world full of sexually disturbed human beings.

I think we all know what sex is suppose to be, but by all the comments we see because of all our sexual experiences- good and bad- there will never be a big enough political-tent to accomodate everyone.

The in-fighting over sex will not bring any of us a political victory in any political party. It shouldn’t even be considered a wedge issue. Because it is like eating, shitting and breathing- a natural function.

We all fuck and we’ve all been fucked and we need to get over it. But damn it strikes a chord…but political? Not in my opinion. And sex-sell-ads should not be on a political site.

I consider myself very liberal, but that DOES not mean that Everything is OKay to do and I think that many so called Liberal Democrats, think that that includes sexual perversions, exploitation etc.,

Where do we draw the sex line? Forget about the male and female side of it. This is not about politics. Think about the right or wrong of it. And some things are just wrong.

The Golden Rule- do unto others… is my basis.

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