Share this with every teen you know. Share this with every parent you know. I’m not going to try to summarize this article because it must be read in full, and you won’t be able to stop reading, once you start. Here’s the first section — and think of this as a mere teaser — the calm before the storm:

When Marine recruiters go way beyond the call



For mom Marcia Cobb and her teenage son Axel, the white letters USMC on their caller ID soon spelled, “Don’t answer the phone!”

Marine recruiters began a relentless barrage of calls to Axel as soon as the mellow, compliant Sedro-Woolley High School grad had cut his 17th birthday cake. And soon it was nearly impossible to get the seekers of a few good men off the line.

With early and late calls ringing in their ears, Marcia tried using call blocking. And that’s when she learned her first hard lesson. You can’t block calls from the government, her server said. So, after pleas to “Please stop calling” went unanswered, the family’s “do not answer” order ensued.

But warnings and liquid crystal lettering can fade. …

You won’t believe what happens next, and then after that. Keep reading … Sorry to leave you in suspense, but you’ll see why I couldn’t excerpt it. Let us know what you think. Don’t read the comments until you’ve read the story.

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