COLUMBUS, Ohio (APE) Acknowledging growing concerns over diminished rights to freedom, President Bush today made an appearance at a law enforcement agency in Ohio to promote acceptance and extension of the Patriot Act.  Extensions to the act would allow for spontaneous and simultaneous sharing of information between all government agencies, particularly if there is a question of possible terrorist involvement.

“The Patriot Act closed dangerous gaps in America’s law enforcement and intelligence capabilities, gaps the terrorists exploited when they attacked us on September the 11th,” Bush said.

New provisions would allow for rove wiretaps as well as “sneak and peek” warrants without judicial intervention.


Mr. Bush addresses the graduating class of a special law enforcement unit from Columbus, Ohio. This particular class received a meritorious service award for providing security during last fall’s election in Ohio.

“My message to Congress is clear: Terrorism will not expire at the end of the year, and they should remember that the next time they are tempted to make an unfair criticism of this important, good law,” Bush said. “I can appreciate that the American people might be experiencing a sort of unpleasant Dejer-View in regards to all of this, and well, that’s to be expected as a system works out its kinks.”

“But, America is safer, thanks to the Patriot Act,” Mr. Bush continued, “and thanks also to these fine young men and wo… er… young men about to begin their careers in enforcement… law that is. With the powers of the Patriot Act in hand, these fine officers will be able to form a… a `matrix of security’ in which all of America can be safe, happy, and energetic members of society.”

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