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For Philadelphians, and also for Kossacks (and apparently Boomans now too, with this cross-post) who have been desensitized (including myself at times) that government, be it national or local, government does not work, I have personal testament that it does.
Of course, while there are still many, many different things that need work, it’s good to see government stand up to important initiatives and support them.

Follow me…
To bring you up to speed, See You Out There had published two diaries (Sprouting Sedition: Cities Adopting Kyoto and 131 Cities Adopting Kyoto) in which he informed us of Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels initiative for Seattle to adopt the standards, locally, that were set forth in the Kyoto Protocol.

His earlier, and also later mentioned diary informed us of the Initiative itself, as well as the challenge (letter) issued by Mayor Nickels that US Mayors across the country either sign onto this initiative, bringing their municipality more in line with Kyoto Protocol standards, or to at least support the initiative.

After I read these two diaries, I became interested in findout out my city’s role in this initiative. I checked the list of mayors currently supporting the initiative and saw that my mayor, Mayor John F. Street was not on the list. So being an interested citizen, I called my local government.

Through that phone call, whether it was fate or mistake (over whether I was a member of the media or not), I received a return call from the Acting Director of Communications, Spokeswoman to Mayor Street, Mrs. Deborah Bolling.

I informed her of my reason for calling and that I was curious to Philadelphia’s current role or knowledge in this initiative. As I was not a member of the media and having no deadline, Mrs. Bolling felt that I could excercise some patience and told me she would keep a note on her desk, and get back to me.

Now, anyone who has ever called local or even national government offices has probably experienced the problems that perhaps some of us have commented or diaried about. Even me.

Fortunately, in this case, I can honestly say that my comment I just linked to above, was wrong. Philadelphia Government does not “have it’s head up it’s ass.” And I need to explicitly thank Deborah Bolling for both being very understanding, overall, while actively looking into the US Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement, seeing my above linked comment. and then still showing me, personally, that government does work and that often, it’s the fact that things don’t “just happen” that people often have a hard time with.

So in the meantime from when I first spoke to Mrs. Bolling, even through a tense phone call when she called me out on my above linked comment (whereas her impression of me was almost completely destroyed), she had taken my interest seriously and had been researching ths US Climate Protection Agreement and creaating a proposal to deliver to Mayor Street.

Yesterday, I got a phone call that she was preparing to deliver in today.

Today I got a phone call that Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street had signed on.

Excellent, excellent news, in my opinion, for both Philadelphia, Philadelphians, the environment, and also for anyone and everyone else interested in seeing a greener, cleaner environment and politicians who takes those issues seriously and do their best to increase efforts to meet such environmental goals.

So now I just want to take the time to give thanks to those who deserve it. After all, I didn’t do the legwork here. I only moved that legwork along in a specific direction.

My thanks go out to:

See You Out There, for the diaries he provided us with here on DailyKos which highlighted the US Climate Protection Agreement that Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has adopted and pushed outwards to other mayors.

As well as:

Deborah Bolling, Acting Director of Communications and Spokeswoman to Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street for going the distance, doing her research, and being dedicated to this environmental initiative enough, even in the face of all the other complexities that are involved with her job, that she still presented it to the Mayor. Mrs. Bolling is a dedicated, intense, caring, intelligent, and powerful woman who, certainly knows her stuff, does her research, will go to task for important issues, and most importantly, dedicated to Philadelphia.

Being the Spokeswoman to the Mayor isn’t an easy job, and the Philadelphia Citypaper has a piece, Time Trials which can give you a little insight into who Deborah Bolling really is.


And last, but most certainly not least:

Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street who is as committed to Philadelphia as anyone could be, who understands the many problems that our citizens have, and that really is committing the very best to the City of Brotherly Love.

And for your viewing enjoyment, I offer my city. Look at those beautiful skies!

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