Hey ya’ll.  

I don’t care about pie either way and right now the only naked girl I’m seeing is when I’m changing her diapers so I missed all the fun. I’m here to help Susan Hu’s group and am way behind on my part in that (that relates back to the diaper changing-I had no idea how much time infants took). I just wanted to voice one huge concern of mine.
One of the coolest things about Kos was that someone would post ACTION and just seeing that, you knew that thousands upon thousands of people would see it in a couple of hours and many would even act on it! Rep. Conyers says I need signatures, and it becomes a mass push for signatures.

I would hate to see any of that netroots power lost or diluted. We have seen it in action and it is powerful. How do we keep from losing that? How do we insure info on Actions from Kos get here so people can get busy with it?

Actually, wouldn’t it be really cool if there were some way of having an Action item instantly disseminated over Booman, Kos, Atrios, TPM Cafe, and so on and so forth… Maybe a moderated place you post to and once the information is verified as not being a troll causing trouble, the action item gets out to the whole progressive blogosphere rather than getting mentioned on Atrios and never reaching Kos’ audience or dying on Kos before folks on Booman know about it…

I wonder how that could be done?

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