Someone suggested that I post some of my blog entries here so here’s today’s. This is my first diary here, so I hope it’s okay. If not, let me know and I’ll delete it. Thanks.

Howard Dean tells the truth when he says that the Republican party is mostly made up of white Christians and now the media can’t stop talking about it. What I can’t figure out is why they’re in shock and awe over hearing the truth – maybe it’s because, in their professions, they hear and speak it (the truth) so infrequently.

I try to avoid Chris Matthews’ Soft Testicles show, but late last week, I was busy when his show started up and it took me a while to find the remote. My ears were assaulted by the following:

Chris Matthews to Rudy Guiliani: Most people are moderates, don’t you agree?

Guiliani: Sure, I guess so.

Matthews: Howard Dean is not moderate is he?

Guiliani: Well he told the truth, so, no he’s not a moderate like us.

Matthews: We’re moderates so we’re so superior to him, aren’t we?

Around this time I found the remote control and switched channels. I just hope Matthews gave Guliani a big towel along with those big, wet smooches.

Disclaimer: Okay, I admit I paraphrased a little bit, but I accurately portrayed the conversation as I heard it and there was no evidence of a hardball anywhere.

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