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glynis has posted a diary over at dKos and I think it’s a great idea. :

To:  Democrats in U.S. Congress

Recently some Democrats in Congress have chastised Governor Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, saying that he does not speak for the party.

We the undersigned have a simple message we would like to convey to you:

Howard Dean Speaks For Me

And, we respectfully request that you refrain from public criticism of your fellow Democrats and that you begin to speak for us as well


The Undersigned

There have been more then enough Dems saying that Dean doesn’t speak for the party – this is our chance to let then know he does speak for many us.

UPDATE[2005-6-11 1:25 by sgilman] You can see the total number of signatures here. Right now it’s at 370.

UPDATE[2005-6-11 2:20 by sgilman] The count is up to 585 signatures.

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