I purposely wrote that title to get you in here for some feedback.  Please express if you thought it was failed!

SYFPH and Pie, II, were both a chance to learn for me.  It will continue to be, especially if you address *any (or all!)* of my questions below.

  1. The definition of porn.  The ad was offensive to some, no doubt.  I’ve seen worse, not to justify the ad, but I also hear the voice of the offended.  So “who” defines porn?  What’s your definition?
  2. Different strokes?  Nevada has legalized prostitution.  Is that wrong?  It’s regulated, doctors check the workers, a safe environment, etc.  In my opinion, it’s the best solution.  So do we go the way of Nevada or do we turn a blind eye even though prostitution will never go away?
  3. Individual rights-Do citizens and others have a right to stuff that’s way offensive to others?  I’m a gun owner and believe in total legalization of drugs, leaning libertarian on many issues, but I’d like to hear your view.  I promise I won’t scream FREEDOM!!!!! or use my founding father’s crutch, either.
  4. If the crowd that was so offended could raise the money that the Pie ad revenues brought in, do they deserve a “higher standard” of decency as I’d phrase it, or is it ultimately the owner’s call?
  5.  Is this a litmus test of “you’re either with us or against us?” that many (including me) have likely failed?
  6.  Madison Ave? Are they culpable in the sexism? What to do about women who support that?
  7.  Women who behave in “wild” ways like spring break, Mardi Gras or many BMX or dirt biking events I’ve been to.  Are they just “young and dumb” or are they part of a larger endemic problem?  Describe.

I used to work as a rock climbing guide.  I taught a very diverse group of people how to climb.  One of my clients used to film very “edgy” porn- beating and such stuff IIRC. Your opinion…..should that have bothered me?

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