Uganda is my African home, my great motherland. She has been reffered to as the Pearl of Africa by the former British Premier Sir Winston Churchill. Uganda is a home of history in this meaning it has a rich cultural heritage. It is a home of farming and agriculture. It has a good climate and rich in natural resources.
I have created this Dairy to feature Forums, Debates and Articles concerning the social, economic and political life of Uganda. You are all welcome to Partipate.
Pastor Lincoln Joel Nsubuga

My proposed Final projects to Mom Diane,Shirl and Friends.
To Mom Diane and friends, I am so happy to have found the great community I had never heard about before, but through Mom Diane I have come to realise that meeting other people and sharing ideas with others can really help fulfill a pre-determined objective thus achieving the pre-determined goals.
Mom Diane and friends I want to share this final project proposals with you. I feel that I can carry out one or both of them with the help of the youth and women here because I have so far mobilised them and I have them at hand.
The two projects include;
Secretarial bureau with a salon/barber shop this employs both the services of the qualified and those who are not qualified.
The rent of the building ranges from 400,000/= a month which I believe we can make more than that money within a month itself.
For the equipments to use in the salon since there are so many in the developed world, you can send them directly to us.
These include; Photocopier machines can be 3, 5 computers can help us in the start, 2-scanners can help us in the start, 3-printers can help us also in the start. Then the salon equipments including the barber shop tools. Thats for the project above.
I do believe that when you come together as one you can help us get these things and start this project. I promise you that this project or projects will benefit many.

Secondly the project of poultry keeping this is attached with piggery keeping.
It involves the construction of the pigs houses which can be 2 of them for a start. We can start with 30 to 50 pigs, including a veterinary officer/doctor. The feeds for the pigs we can get them in the villages where by the depend mostly on plant materials etc. At the start this can be like a voluntary work and we get paid after getting the salaries and wages and also support other programmes like fees for the children, provide food and clothes etc.
The piggery keeping is attached to poultry keeping in both layers and broilers where by we shall need 200 broilers and 200 layers for a start.
With your help Mom Diane and your friends, we can fulfill this and brighten the lives of many in our community. I am therefore calling upon you to share ideas with others about this. Its me, the women and the children who are going to make Uganda an important place to live in and also a great motherland where by one day Mom Diane, Shirl and all other friends will come and enjoy the beauty of Uganda and also see for yourselves what the support you send has done.
God bless you all.
I love you all and I pray for you and your families.
May the Booman Tribune Community live forever.

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