Welcome BooTribbers of the world!  To help save the modems of our compadres on dial-up, we’re moving the Welcome Wagon over to this part of the pond.

To check out the previous threads, please visit Diane101’s diary here.  

For newcomers, this is a place to introduce yourself to the community as well as get a splash of mojo.  Welcome, and if you want to help out with the Welcome Wagon Crew, please visit this diary.  

Bienvenidos to you all!

Update [2005-6-10 12:18:23 by Man Eegee]:Please Unrecommend Part 12 so they are not both on the Rec. List. Thanks everyone for your help!

Update [2005-6-10 16:9:37 by Man Eegee]: BooTribber Cake or Death has launched Part 14. Please Unrecommend this diary and head on over to the other one and Recommend. I’ll be back soon, I just got released from work early and am now heading home. WOOHOO!

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