We’ve all been through a lot of drama this week. Most of it hasn’t been very productive to the goals we all share…fighting the BushCo agenda.

It’s been a roller coaster for me, and I can’t even itemize the crises that I have had to navigate.

But whether it was the Pie Wars, or the controversy over Soj’s business, or hate mail from women that were angry that I wrote a defense of Markos, or hate mail that I had from people outraged by the criticism of Daily Kos going on on this site, or a variety of other things…

…None of it compares to this: Susan’s mother is ill, her brother is ill, Catnip is suffering, Military Tracy is still trying to fight her way through. People have real problems, people are sick, in pain, their marriages are in trouble, their husbands or wives are in Iraq… on and on.

This community is about more than just politics, it’s about empowerment. Collectively, we have power, and every skill under the sun. We can flood a congressional office with phone calls, or a PAC with funds. If I need advice on computers, someone can give it to me. If you want to know where to educate your gifted child, or your challenged child, someone will have advice.

That’s what I’m trying to build, for all of you. And when someone needs help, we’re here to offer it. I’ve got to spend some time with my wife. And Susan is off to see her mother. Wish them the best. And have a great weekend.

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