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Yesterday was my birthday, and it made me think of a lot of things. Since we’re in the political realm I’ll just share with you guys what I think is relevant. One of the things I have noticed over the years is how birthdays at one point in my life used to entail this feeling of complete unbridled joy. I remember waking up and just feeling the excitement of having a day in which each person I was close with dedicated a certain portion of their time just to celebrate me. Year after year this feeling seems to fade away, and is replaced by wanting to be around friends and family but not feeling the need for the attention and self-centered nature that the birthday originally entailed, but the nostalgia remains. So yesterday when I woke up and was officially twenty-four, I thought to myself, that this was supposed to be a special day, a day just for myself and a day where this is socially acceptable.
When I woke up and was reading the newspaper I found this hard! I don’t know how else to say it, but I think we live in pretty fucked up times. We have two wars going on, which are totally out of discussion in our media, at least what’s really going on. We have an administration that doesn’t care about its own people (unless you are a white Christian, I kid); why should I be celebrating my birthday on such a day? How can I just forget about all of what is going on and just be apathetic for a day and ignore the world? This takes effort. It takes effort to pretend that I am not apart of this world and that what is happening does not affect me. But I managed to pull it off. I managed to have a great time with my friends and family. What I really wonder is how Republicans can make an ideology out of this. Republicans live like everyday is their birthday.

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