The end is nigh for me. I can’t take it anymore. The navel gazing. The infighting. The diaries on ratings abuse. The focus on things I don’t want to talk about. The flame war with Armando. The refugee crisis…

Ya know, all the usual stuff.

So I say to you BooTribbers: pay more attention to the shit I want to pay attention to or I’m outta here. For serious.

Basically, my point is you need to… pay more attention to me. Even when I don’t post anything you can still talk about me and the things I think are worthwhile ya know, it’s just plain rude not to… like the price of tea in China & Oui’s latest lyrical posting & if Anamolous will give me another 4 or not.

And finally, stop being so serious people… whatever happened to the art of the snark in these parts??

Boo hoo, so long Boo, you lost a precious poster who was wronged repeatedly without anyone even knowing it. Adios, au revoir, have a good life.


Okay, you got me… maybe not for serious… it is Saturday and since I don’t garden I figured I’d spend some time spreading snark on the site. 😉

So what would your GBCBT look like? And how’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

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